"A Muffin Appears"


Type Story

Episode Eureka! (#211)

Date March 08, 2011

Time In Episode 00:28:29

This story was told by on episode #211: Eureka!


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Joanne is a free spirit who’s worked as a circus aerialist and a touring theatre performer, and her new Argentinian boyfriend (and ESL student) Alejandro is somewhat the opposite – clean cut, responsible and stable. When Joanne invites him to go with her to Burning Man, she doesn’t expect him to say yes, and yet he does…but immediately shows signs of not fitting in when they arrive. He doesn’t know how to deal with the barter system, and frets at being constantly covered in dirt and sand; he’s baffled by the Radical Faerie gay camp they’ve joined up with. Joanne works hard to try to get Alejandro to just relax and have fun, but when he ends up crying during a party, she feels terrible, and they agree that maybe they should go home. Just then a dust storm blows in, and the way it draws them together changes the energy. They don’t leave, choosing instead to take ecstasy together and have a new set of adventures: walking around the playa, experiencing art, jumping on the trampoline, talking, and feeling gratitude for each other’s unique perspectives.

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