"I Thought You Were My Friend"


Type Story

Episode The Strangest of Strangers (#108)

Date January 12, 2010

Time In Episode 00:14:09

This story was told by on episode #108: The Strangest of Strangers


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Keith is 22, and is the artistic director of a professional theatre company in Wilmington, DE. He loves being accessible to his audiences, and after a performance of one of the plays, a minister of a local church (“Scruffy,” Keith names him) gushes to Keith that he “saw god” in the play, and that he really wants his whole congregation to see it if possible — that he’s even going to write a sermon about the show, and would like Keith to visit his church and hear it. Keith does so, and the two men strike up a friendship; they get drinks, have dinner…until during one night out, Scruffy is visibly frustrated and asks Keith why their relationship isn’t progressing — after all, they’ve been dating for three weeks, but Keith hasn’t made any move to go home with Scruffy, or ask him to stay over. That’s when Keith realizes that Scruffy has very logically thought that Keith was gay…but he’s not. And that all the choices Keith has been making could easily be interpreted as romantic flirting…though they weren’t. He feels terrible for being a tease without meaning to.

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