"The Carnival"


Type Story

Episode s Connection (#846)
The Best of RISK! #13 (#921)

Date August 28, 2017

Time In Episode 00:35:20

This story was first told by on episode #846: Connection

It also appears on episode #921: The Best of RISK! #13


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Single mom Sarah and her two year-old son Shane move into the top floor of a house in upstate New York. An angry, reclusive old man named Bill lives next door, and Sarah’s warned that he’s the “town crank.” Shane starts trying to interact with Bill, though, and after bringing him a freshly baked muffin, he melts Bill’s heart, and the two become best buddies; Sarah, too, starts helping Bill out. But when Sarah lets Bill know that soon she’ll be moving back to Boston, Bill gets upset, and starts retaliating, lashing out at her and purposely mismanaging his diabetes medication, until eventually he takes his own life.

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