Zerman Zane (aka Ernest Anfin)

Zerman Zane is a lawyer, a storyteller, and a TikTok dad with over 140K people in his TikTok family. His video about managing depression, “The Long Goodbye,” has been viewed over 4 million times, and he has many other videos that exceed the 1 million view milestone. His RISK! story, “Marilyn,” discusses the challenges he faced as a divorced parent, co-parenting two kids with his former spouse. Feeling overwhelmed by the stress of an ongoing child custody battle, he found peace and comfort in a most unlikely person. As a lawyer, he’s also concerned about the divisive nature of social media and its impact on our political system and the rule of law around the world. In his story, “The All-American,” Zerman discusses his childhood growing up on a farm in Iowa, which was, on the one hand, an idealized and nostalgic place that could have been featured in Norman Rockwell painting, but on the other hand, a place that also had a constant current of violence running just beneath its surface.

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