2020 Check In


Episode #1213

Date January 05, 2021

Run Time 1:39:30

On Patreon, Kevin does audio-journaling check ins, sharing how we’re doing behind the scenes. In this episode, several members of the staff do just that, about the year that was and where we’re at now.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Smooth Intro by Warren Wolf

Check In: Kevin Allison

Check In: JC Cassis

Story Excerpt: Mother Lovin’ by James Cox

Story Excerpt: Consent Is Mine to Give by Lisa X

Check In: John LaSala

Story Excerpt: Closed for the Duration by Kevin Bohl

Story Excerpt: (It Must) Be Nice by Michael Shibley

Story Excerpt: White Light by J Carpenter

Story Excerpt: How Life Is by Walter Zimmerman

Story Excerpt: Cheddar by Nick Astle

Story Excerpt: The Santa Game by Melissa Reaves

Story Excerpt: A Walk to Remember by Wanda Wilson Bowser

Story Excerpt: The Idiot in the Cupboard by Ryan Estrada

Story Excerpt: Me and My Fam by Alexandra Anagnostopoulos

Story Excerpt: Life In Transition by Erica Blumfield

Story Excerpt: Holding On by Pete Brown

Check In: Brad and Cyndi

Story Excerpt: This Is My Body by Shiny

Story Excerpt: Cubs Fever Code Blue by Felicia O’Hara

Check In: Jeff Barr

Check In: David Crabb

Story Excerpt: Rhythm and Blues by Oz du Soleil

Song: New Day Coming by Sarah Klang



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