Body and Soul


Episode #606

Date November 10, 2014

Run Time 49:41

Paul Cibis, Anne Thomas and Andrew Solmssen share stories of bodily dysfunction.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Water Wheel by Steve Gunn

Live Story: Blessed Burden by Andrew Solmssen

Interstitial: Rock n’ Ru by Jeff Barr and Kevin Allison

Live Story: Amazing Machine by Anne Thomas

Song: Color Decay by Júníus Meyvant

Live Story: My Lifeline by Paul Cibis

Song: Parade by Kevin Morby



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david mcgrath
9 years ago

Someone asked me once what I learned in my 30 years as a nurse, and I answered immediately, “gratitude”. Please tell Paul Cibis that his story brought back every moment of joy and gratitude shared with me by the people I cared for as a dialysis nurse. In particular, I recall a young army veteran who was hit by lightning on maneouvers, turning both kidneys and one lung into cooked meat. He said almost the same thing to me one day about the worst and best days of two intersecting lives. I never found out whether he got a transplant, but I will always remember him mentioning that conflicted feeling. I can also remember a surgeon handing me a kidney in the OR and having what I can only describe as one of the few “sacred” moments in my life.

In this month of thanks giving, I just want to say how thankful I am to every one who takes a moment and checks that little box. There aren’t too many ways miracles are physically manifest in our materialistic world, but that is one of them. Thanks, Paul.

9 years ago

Okay, Anne Thomas, you are just my total hero. LOVED this story. And you are so absolutely right — we do only get one body, and life is too short, exhausting and challenging to layer on top of that any body hatred. We gotta appreciate it while it works. <3 Can't wait for your next RISK! appearance.

9 years ago

Love, love, *LOVE* the Rock n’ Ru Interstitial! I need to hear that everyday!

9 years ago

/ When I was in Thailand in chang mai. I hope I spelled that right. Every day berofe the little boys that lived there and helped us build bathrooms for their school, would eat food there at the campgrounds. They would sing about thanking God for their food after they prayed for it. All the girls I went with thought it was so cute and we all learned the lryics to it, but now I can only remember three of words, which was con(silent n) poon praga, which mean thank you God in thai.

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