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  • Episode:#207
  • Date:January 11, 2011
  • Run Time:1:00:20
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In The Flesh

Greg Fitzsimmons, Danny Lobell, Matt Higgins, Bonnie Levison and Pepe Aguilar share stories that get physical.

This classic episode will soon be available as we rerun the episodes of our first two seasons every other week as Classic RISK Singles!

Storytelling Credits

“Back in the Saddle”- Bonnie Levison (edited by Andy Kroner, including music by Cooper-Moore, Puchero Golpear, Music and Rhythm, and Noveller)
“The Chickens of Bushwick”- Danny Lobell
“Fitzdog Porneo”- Greg Fitzsimmons
“Ow Ow Ow!”- Pepe Aguilar (edited by the artist known as ME of the Mangled Meditations Podcast)
“Open Casket”- Matt Higgins

Music Credits

“The Game of World Domination”- Alec Gross
“La Pequena”-Gospel Claws
“Big Blue Day”- Uncle Neptune
“Animal Hop Remix”- Cowcube
“Whole Lotta Sex Machine”- Fissunix
“Pollita Espinola”- G.G. Allin’s Dick
“Graveyard”- Lucy Schwartz

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