In The Flesh


Episode #207

Date January 11, 2011

Run Time 1:00:20

Greg Fitzsimmons, Danny Lobell, Matt Higgins, Bonnie Levison and Pepe Aguilar share stories that get physical.

Storytelling Credits

“Back in the Saddle”- Bonnie Levison (edited by Andy Kroner, including music by Cooper-Moore, Puchero Golpear, Music and Rhythm, and Noveller)
“The Chickens of Bushwick”- Danny Lobell
“Fitzdog Porneo”- Greg Fitzsimmons
“Ow Ow Ow!”- Pepe Aguilar (edited by the artist known as ME of the Mangled Meditations Podcast)
“Open Casket”- Matt Higgins

Music Credits

“The Game of World Domination”- Alec Gross
“La Pequena”-Gospel Claws
“Big Blue Day”- Uncle Neptune
“Animal Hop Remix”- Cowcube
“Whole Lotta Sex Machine”- Fissunix
“Pollita Espinola”- G.G. Allin’s Dick
“Graveyard”- Lucy Schwartz

Download: MP3

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