Live From Chapel Hill!


Episode #536

Date June 23, 2014

Run Time 57:09

Ray Christian, Andrew Aghapour and Lauren Patton tell true stories from our June 2014 visit to Chapel Hill.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Vert – Original Oddstep by Grand Unified

Live Story: Trigger by Lauren Patton

Live Story: New Shirt by Andrew Aghapour

Live Story: Comfortable in the Water by Ray Christian

Song: Fever by The Black Keys



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9 years ago

This was a great podcast, but Ray Christian story was the best. I want to hear more stories by this guy.

9 years ago

Ray Christian, damn. Powerful words. Please have him on the podcast again. What an incredible story teller.

9 years ago

ray was a powerful story teller ..telling a story millions of kids can relate to

9 years ago

Lauren Patton’s story was outstanding. I hope you’ll invite her back to tell more stories on the podcast… I feel certain she has plenty of good ones.

9 years ago

Ray’s story was one of the best I’ve ever heard on any live story-telling program. I’m a middle-class white woman – with two sons – so I was definitely out of my comfort zone a number of times in the course of his telling. My fingers twitched over the Stop button as I listened, ready to snap the audio off. The story and characters are vivid and rough, and the telling is confrontational, but in a way that is not at all gratuitous or self-indulgent. I was utterly immersed. This was art in my ears. Thank you!

9 years ago

Ray was fantastic. And Andrew’s story was really funny. But I found Lauren’s story very troubling. She showed no remorse for nearly killing and crippling an uneducated young woman who was under the thumb of her father, just as she was. We can all forgive youthful ignorance and indiscretion, but to show no personal growth and realize that, in hindsight, what she did was wrong is pretty astounding. She didn’t “get back” at her dad. She seriously injured someone, albeit someone who got on her nerves, caught in between her and her father. That young woman was the real victim. I forget what she said verbatim, but at some point Lauren did say her dad, basically just being a giant asshole, was worse than being abused physically. The whole story lacked any kind of self awareness on Lauren’s part.

Ray Christian
9 years ago

Erica, real life can be ugly, thank you for your kind words and willingness not to turn away when your instincts said maybe you should. That means a lot to me. Hope you will continue to listen as my stories continue to emerge

9 years ago

I live in Church Hill Richmond, Virginia!!! I could’t believe it when I heard it. I think it’s time Risk comes to Richmond. It’s a hell of a city.

7 years ago

Adam, you, along with every other person who wants to jump down someone’s throat for telling a story that might be a little unfair, should really take a step back if you plan on listening to this podcast.

I should remind you, that girl, was older than Lauren. She was also taunting her and causing emotional trauma by being involved with her father while her mother was still present in the household. Sometimes, people need hard lessons to snap out of their shitty attitudes. And in my opinion, that girl had it coming. Maybe next time, she’ll keep her mouth shut before someone really does end her. Lauren also did go back and make sure she wasn’t “killed or crippled”, which she obviously wasn’t if she was able to walk away.

And as far as you making any judgement on what could be more severe, emotional (or in your words, just a “big asshole”) vs physical, you have no right. Emotional abuse can be far worse than physical and if you think that you can devalue the abuse she went through by just saying he was “basically just being a giant asshole”, you should probably steer clear of people who go through trauma because you will just make it worse.

Her story was hilarious. Hilarious in the same way you laugh about all the stupid things you did as a kid. Would she do that to a person now? Probably not. But Lauren, I’m glad you stood up for yourself and shut her up. <3

6 years ago

I just looked down at the comments for the first time, and was disheartened to see Andrew Aghapour’s story wasn’t mentioned. I am a 3rd year teacher now, and SO enjoy listening to this story. I have come back and listened to it many many times. I have recommended it to many of my friends (teachers and others) as just one of those great stories that you have to hear. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this with the world and for being being a source of refuge for me in the dog days of teaching.

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