Our 10th Anniversary Special


Episode #1101

Date October 07, 2019

Run Time 1:12:39

A jam-packed look back at 10 years of a podcast unlike any other. We revisit some of our most amazing stories, songs and turning points.

Song: Let Me Tell Ya by Matt Park

Nostalgia for the Early Years by Kevin

Song: The Game of World Domination by Morning Bell

How the Episodes Used to End by Kevin

Montage: A Look Back at Some of the Funny Stories

Improv Comedy Sketch: ATM by Joe Schiappa and Nathan Phillips

Haters Gonna Hate by Kevin

Opening Monologue from Episode 226: Try

Song: Big Risk Mama by Roosevelt Dime

Song: Dickie’s Dream by Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra

Montage: A Look Back at Some of the Emotional Stories

Our Evolving Culture by Kevin

Montage: Several Sound Collages by Jeff Barr

Song: My Favorite Things (Penises and Buttholes) by Kevin

Song: The Stamps Song

Song: Goth Risk by Jordan Cooper

Song: 10 Minutes 10 Years by Tennis

Montage: A Look Back at More of the Funny Stories



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4 years ago

What episode is the cannibalism story? I MUST find and listen.

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