Episode #337

Date July 19, 2012

Run Time 1:04:41

Selena Coppock, William Mullin, Ariana Seigel, Eric Martin, and Julie Threlkeld share stories from the danger zone.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: In the Crowd by The Years

Live Story: The Blob by Ariana Seigel

Radio Story: Going Down by Eric Jason Martin

Song: Miracle by Ghost Beach

Live Story: Show Me Love by William Mullin

Radio Story: Stop Signs by Julie Threlkeld

Song: The Way We Move by Langhorne Slim & The Law

Live Story: That Toddling Town by Selena Coppock

Song: Give It Back by The Ting Tings



Download: MP3

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11 years ago

funniest. rant. ever. and in a boston accent? so good, thanks selena. i live in chi town, so i really needed this!

11 years ago

In the story Stop Signs, I was so angry.. how can anyone be so passive?

Julie Threlkeld
11 years ago

Anonymous, you should have been angry — as I am when I think back on that time in my life. It’s not healthy or natural to be that passive. We’re made that way by things that happened to us and messages we got growing up. If anything, I want that story to be a message to adults that teaching kids to defer to others and be overly accommodating can have dangerous ramifications. Thanks for listening.

Sarah (with an h)
11 years ago

I’m more sad that no one told Julie not to take abuse like that. People can be passive and know when to walk away from a situation if its dangerous. Julie is a very lucky woman since “Ron” never acted on what he threatened. I’m glad physically nothing happened and it was a lesson learned. 🙂

7 years ago

I don’t think Billy’s girlfriend was enjoying herself as much as he seemed to think she was.

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