Type Story

Episode Bring the Pain (#909)

Date December 04, 2017

Time In Episode 00:04:08

This story was told by on episode #909: Bring the Pain


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Andrew grows up Jewish in the south, with an identity as a rather nerdy, dateless hypochondriac; he wants so much to be cool, and to have a girlfriend, and it’s just not happening. While he’s in high school, he visits his brother at Tulane University in New Orleans, which is the happenin’ environment of Andrew’s dreams. Andrew’s brother’s dorm roommate is a 28 year-old ex Navy Seal, who shows Andrew his closet full of weapons, guns, camo, and a bullet-proof vest. Andrew’s very impressed, and the roommate asks if he wants to try the vest on. When he does, the roommate picks up a knife, and stabs him – thinking the vest is knife proof. Andrew takes the vest off to see blood shooting out of his chest like a fountain. Andrew’s brother drives him to the ER, where Andrew is held for observation, and gets Demerol and stitches for his chest wound. Despite his vulnerable condition, when he leaves the hospital he goes to see a band with his brother, and the next night attends a frat party where he learns firsthand that chicks really do dig scars.

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