"Call It a Crime"


Type Story

Episode Live From Minneapolis! (#646)

Date August 10, 2015

Time In Episode 00:44:15

This story was told by on episode #646: Live From Minneapolis!


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At 19, Nancy was an innocent Theatre major at a Catholic university – so innocent she’d never been drunk, and needed to know what drunkenness felt like in order to play a character she’d been cast as in a show. She turned to Eddie, her trusted guy friend, to take her out drinking, cheered that he’d promised to protect her and look out for her. Instead, Eddie brought her back to his dorm room and raped her. It took Nancy years to fully realize that what she experienced was rape, and that it wasn’t her fault; that the blame, disapproval and silence she got from the people she tried to confide in was hurtful and wrong. Now, decades later, she teaches women how to recognize and recover from rape in all its forms.

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