"What Kind of Friend"


Type Story

Episode Tough Guys (#714)

Date January 18, 2016

Time In Episode 00:36:50

This story was told by on episode #714: Tough Guys


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It’s 2010, and Hank is living in NYC post grad school, and is in deep credit card debt. He becomes friends with a fellow actor, Walter, who’s so broke he’s living in his van. Hank invites Walter to be his roommate, and they form a deep “gay guy/straight guy” bond, going to bars together, being each other’s wing men, even sleeping platonically in the same bed; Hank has never felt more secure and stable. His finances start improving as well, as he books some acting gigs, and then gets a long-term brand ambassador gig that pays off a lot of his student loans and sends him touring across the country. But Walter seems to be drifting in the other direction: his behavior becomes erratic; he touches Hank in confusing ways; he gets drunk and starts a fight; he throws dishes in the kitchen. Hank tries to maintain equilibrium by getting Walter a production assistant job with the same marketing company he’s employed with, but as they travel to different cities and continue to share hotel rooms, Hank gets more and more stressed and alarmed by Walter’s volatile behavior. As their tour is wrapping up, Walter crawls into bed with Hank and rapes him. Hank does everything he can to extricate Walter from his life, but Walter is insidious — to this day, because of their shared work circles and crowds of friends, there’s always the chance he might show up somewhere.

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