"In Labor"


Type Story

Episode Square Pegs (#403)

Date October 20, 2012

Time In Episode 00:47:43

This story was told by on episode #403: Square Pegs


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A year after he graduates high school, Aaron goes to live on a kibbutz in Israel, largely because he’s pretty sure it’s going to be an intellectual, socialist utopia, and the kibbutz girls will be horny for Americans. He immediately sees that this isn’t true, and that instead, it’s going to be heavy-duty work. He’s assigned to assist a man called Dudu the Inseminator – their job together is to inseminate cows with bull semen: specific semen for specific cows, to create good breeding. Aaron’s job is to hold up the cow’s tail so the cow can’t kick as she gets inseminated — a process that intimidates Aaron greatly, as it involves Dudu reaching both hands inside the cow to grab hold of the birth canal and then aim the full syringe. One day, Aaron is dragged into helping a cow give birth; her calf is stuck. When the calf is finally pulled out, it’s not breathing, and Aaron administers CPR. His saving of the calf earns him the best compliment he’s had that summer: “For a Yankee, you’re all right.”

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