"Mother May I?"


Type Story

Episode In Harm's Way (#202)

Date October 26, 2010

Time In Episode 00:40:24

This story was told by on episode #202: In Harm's Way


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When Joy was little, her mom told the whole family that she’d talked to the Lord, face to face, and he’d reassured her she was about as perfect as a person could be, and because of that, the whole family would be blessed by god — he’d make sure they were okay. And somehow, Jesus really did seem to be taking care of them – even when the family was very poor, good things happened that allowed them to have luxuries. When Joy got engaged to her fiancee Joe, at 21, her mom wanted them to start their life in an apartment In New York, and to have a beautiful wedding…but that required borrowing $3000 from Joe. Joy’s mom insisted that the Lord was going to take care of everything, and so Joe lent her his credit card, on which she rung up $30,000 of lavish wedding expenses, including apartment rent, and a new car for herself. When it came time to pay off that debt, suddenly Jesus wasn’t there, and Joy’s mom told Joy it was her responsibility – her bankruptcy to declare. Joy discovers that her mother has done this to people in her life for years, and it makes her question her whole world view.

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