"The Deer Hunter"


Type Story

Episode The Way Home (#814)

Date January 16, 2017

Time In Episode 00:44:30

This story was told by on episode #814: The Way Home


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Ian is 10 years old, and a nerdy, “fey” kid, when his father wakes him up at 4am one day to take him deer hunting. Ian has the sense that this trip is his father’s attempt to instill him with masculinity and insure he won’t end up gay, as the spates of awkward conversation his father creates revolve around sex, and what parts of a woman’s body he finds attractive. The two are miles into the forest when Ian’s dad has an accident while stripping bark off a tree, and drives an ax into his knee. Ian is forced to help his dad hike out of the forest and hitch a ride to a hospital.

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