"George To My Jerry"


Type Story

Episode What's Happening? (#1018)

Date February 11, 2019

Time In Episode 00:15:40

This story was told by on episode #1018: What's Happening?


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Mike gets a text from his landlord that a realtor is going to show up at 10am the next day, at Mike’s apartment, to show the place to a couple. At 7am that day, a pale man shows up at Mike’s door, comes in, asks to use the bathroom (where he remains for 10 minutes), and then sits in the chair next to Mike and watches “Seinfeld” with him for 18 minutes in total silence. No one else is showing up; the realtor was supposed to come at 10…Mike becomes very worried that this guy might be a murderer. When he finally asks the guy if he’s the realtor, he discovers nope; the guy is NOT the realtor. Mike gets up the courage to tell the man, “You have to leave!” and the man protests that Seinfeld isn’t over yet, and continues to watch the remaining 2 minutes of the episode. The man asks Mike what his address is, indicating that he’s been at the wrong house all this time. When the man finally leaves, Mike remains perplexed and discomfited about why the man sat there for so long, and what he’d intended to do down the street.

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