"The Deuce"


Type Story

Episode s Blindsided (#117)
The Best of RISK! #1 (#301)

Date May 18, 2010

Time In Episode 00:02:31

This story was first told by on episode #117: Blindsided

It also appears on episode #301: The Best of RISK! #1


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Miles finally goes on a date with a coworker he’s had a crush on for quite a while — Dana. He gets wasted the night before, and is thus hung over for their date in Central Park; then, as he lays on the beach next to her, he releases quarts of diarrhea into his shorts. He does his best to clean himself off in the public restroom, but later, after he’s showered at home and returned for dinner at his date’s apartment, he keeps seeing signs that there’s still poop on him…somewhere…and he can’t figure out why he’s still leaving shit stains everywhere he sits.

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