Jillian Markowitz

Jillian was a professional writer, who struggled to get work for years before she realized that Google had a picture of her hysterically crying next to the byline on all of her published work. From failing out of clown school to soiling herself on the Brooklyn Bridge, Jillian’s life has been a series of humiliations, and she is more than happy to share them with a crowd. She can be found on Amazon Prime, where she plays Marge in the Stranger Things spoof, Weirder Stuff, and in Brooklyn Battle Comedy on Independent Wrestling TV, as her wrestler alter ego “Jilly Entitlement.” Her improv group, Million Dollar Mouth, has opened for comics like Mark Normand and Chris Gethard. Her quarantine closet cosplay project was featured on Bored Panda, where the editors butchered her writing so badly that the article looks autogenerated.

jillianmarkowitz.com   @cyberchondria28   @bajillianx  

updated: 06/14/2023