"A Dreamer Schemer Spendthrift"


Type Story

Episode Setbacks (#1043)

Date July 22, 2019

Time In Episode 00:06:10

This story was told by on episode #1043: Setbacks


Note: These summaries are designed to help fans find their favorite stories and may contain spoilers!

Shauna has hemorrhoid issues, which she knows could be helped by a hot tub, but she and her husband are reluctant to let themselves spend money on something so expensive and luxurious. So Shauna hits up Craig’s List, and finds a refurbished hot tub being sold by a guy named Dan for half the usual price — a deal too good to pass up. However, the couple starts sensing that Dan is a less than dependable guy; this suspicion is confirmed when a few hours after Dan delivers the hot tub, he manages to set it on fire.

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