"A Little Help From My Friends"


Type Story

Episode Good Grief (#110)

Date February 09, 2010

Time In Episode 00:17:05

This story was told by on episode #110: Good Grief


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When his comedy troupe The State breaks up, Kevin has to start a solo career, and creates a weird, elaborate, performance-art style comedic character monologue that centers around possibly being (or not being) Charles Manson. He tries it out at the Luna Lounge on a night when the club is packed to the rafters with famous comedians, and one paragraph into the piece, he completely blanks out on the remaining nine pages, paralyzed by stage fright, and unable to trust his own instincts or his vulnerability. Kevin tries to leave the theatre, but the crowd is so huge he can’t go anywhere, and suddenly they grab him and body-surf him around the room, depositing him back onstage, cheering at him that he has to keep performing…and that gives him the boost to find his voice and his lines again, and finish his monologue.

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