"Downright Squirrely"


Type Story

Episode Blindsided (#117)

Date May 18, 2010

Time In Episode 00:14:55

This story was told by on episode #117: Blindsided


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High school teacher Keri remembers when she herself was in high school and took the SAT – an avalanche of one nightmare after another. The proctor didn’t believe her driver’s license photo was actually her, and accused her of falsifying her ID; she sat next to the open window in the testing classroom and a squirrel scampered in and sat down on her test, requiring the proctor to toss it out by its tail; and then the proctor accused her of taking out a cheat sheet, and sent her to the Test Administration office for them to decide if she should even be allowed to continue the exam when she’d proven herself to be a cheater and liar. The administrators insinuated that it was possible the rogue squirrel was actually Keri’s pet, which she’d trained to bring her a tiny scroll of test answers.

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