"For the Love of Nubbins"


Type Story

Episode s Holiday Stories #1 (#310)
Holiday Stories #2 (#412)
The Best of Holiday Stories #2 (#1312)
The Best of Holiday Stories #2 (#CRE1312)

Date December 19, 2016

Time In Episode 00:40:29

This story was first told by on episode #310: Holiday Stories #1

It also appears on episode #412: Holiday Stories #2 , episode #1312: The Best of Holiday Stories #2 and episode #CRE1312: The Best of Holiday Stories #2


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Hired to sell very expensive, real-looking (and feeling) baby dolls for the holiday season at downtown NYC’s FAO Schwartz, Elna is stunned to observe how seriously the wealthy shoppers take these doll “adoptions,” and how their status and privilege comes into play; for example, very few families have any interest in adopting infants of color. As the Christmas gift rush gets more intense, Elna and the other “nursery” employees amuse themselves by playing with a factory-defective doll with an overly-weighted head whom they name Nubbins. On Christmas Eve, every single baby is sold out except the babies of color and Nubbins, and Elna assists one final mother and daughter, who, to her dismay, actually adopt Nubbins…and she realizes she’s grown to love the bizarre little guy.

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