"Happy Ending"


Type Story

Episode Whammy! (#1115)

Date January 13, 2020

Time In Episode 00:06:00

This story was told by on episode #1115: Whammy!


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Jenna goes to a chic, trendy massage parlor in LA, and is surprised when her very handsome male masseuse, Antonio, offers to give her a “happy ending” using his hands and mouth. Jenna agrees, and has a great time, but also wonders if the situation is legal; if she’s now complicit in some kind of crime; whether she’s expected to service Antonio in return (orally or manually); and whether it’s okay to have a full-on orgasm when she’s in a public establishment with very thin walls between client rooms. As the bonus action continues, Jenna tries to push all of that out of her mind and let herself just climax, but at that exact moment, her massage timer goes off, and the session ends. When she decides, a while later, to return to that spa and try to book Antonio, she’s told sternly by the receptionist that “Antonio is not associated with our establishment any longer.”

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