"The Equalizer"


Type Story

Episode Whammy! (#1115)

Date January 13, 2020

Time In Episode 00:41:00

This story was told by on episode #1115: Whammy!


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Amy is just about to graduate from college when two things happen simultaneously: she finds her first real relationship with a beautiful, shy man named David; and she gets a mysterious illness that leaves her so tired and drained of energy it usurps the rest of her life. She loses her job, has to delay her graduation, and embarks on visit after visit to specialists to try to get a diagnosis. Eventually it’s determined that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but because there’s no treatment, no medication and no cure, Amy becomes consumed with cobbling together a complex DIY matrix of alternative medicine and naturopathic remedies, which get more and more woo-woo. Her desperation and neediness to be cured have a significant effect on her relationship with David, until it’s too unbalanced to continue. When Amy moves back to Minneapolis after their breakup, she confronts the anger and betrayal she feels towards her body and her biology, and considers ways to feel gratitude and empowerment instead.

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