"The French Deflection"


Type Story

Episode Good Grief (#110)

Date February 09, 2010

Time In Episode 00:31:18

This story was told by on episode #110: Good Grief


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18 year-old Margot is a freshman theatre major, and is passionately in love with a French guy named Pierre who’s in her same department, and is just stereotypically romantic in a way she can’t resist…even when she sees signs that he’s not being faithful (like calling her the wrong name in bed). Eventually he cheats on her with another woman in their circle, and Margot gives up, and heads home for the summer. But the next school year, when Margot signs up for a group ride-share to Boston one weekend…there’s Pierre, in the same car with her, for six hours. The romance is suffocating once again, and the two get back together standing on a train platform, kissing madly, like a scene out of a movie. Pierre cheats on her again, but she figures the intoxication was worth it.

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