"Little Big Man (aka When Kobe Bryant Was 17)"


Type Story

Episode Good Grief (#110)

Date February 09, 2010

Time In Episode 00:05:55

This story was told by on episode #110: Good Grief


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Luke was a large, fat kid, but the summer he was 17, he grew from 5’10 to 6’4, and his height made him a hot commodity on his basketball team. He started believing that he had what it took to be recruited by a varsity scout and become really famous. However, when his summer league team ended up playing against a team with a phenomenally talented center – a black kid who could shoot from half-court and make a basket with no effort whatsoever – Luke feels more than a little intimidated. He’s assigned to cover this guy, and try to “take him down,” and because Luke can’t think of how else to chip away at the player’s finesse and concentration, he starts making fun of his funny first name — Kobe. Kobe Bryant.

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