"Time to Go"


Type Story

Episode s Dirty Work (#427)
Scary Stories #11: Jeepers! (#1104)

Date April 01, 2013

Time In Episode 00:27:50

This story was first told by on episode #427: Dirty Work

It also appears on episode #1104: Scary Stories #11: Jeepers!


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Cyndi has an acting job performing interactive murder mysteries in the basement of a popular bar. She’s gotten very close to the cast, especially a guy named Chris, whom she finds herself feeling a stronger connection with than her actual boyfriend, Matt, who’s a struggling and taciturn standup comic. On Halloween, one of the bar regulars, Mike, comes by to show the cast that he’s got a costume better than any of theirs: he’s the Grim Reaper, with a DIY “special effects” rigging such that he can hang himself from the bar’s ceiling beams and appear dead. Mike insists on showing the partying cast members how he can pull off this trick, and he hangs himself repeatedly, monopolizing the group’s attention until they’re really tired of him. Cyndi suggests that the group “just ignore him” so he’ll stop, and so they do…until someone comments that “Mike’s been up there a long time.” It turns out that Mike has accidentally killed himself. Cyndi feels terribly guilty, as does the rest of the cast; Matt, the bitter boyfriend, is callous towards the dead man, which is the cap on the whole tragedy for Cyndi — she realizes that life is too short to spend with people who aren’t kind, and she eventually dumps him for Chris.

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