"The View from Site B"


Type Story

Episode Vagina Vagina Vagina! (#521)

Date March 10, 2014

Time In Episode 00:13:25

This story was told by on episode #521: Vagina Vagina Vagina!


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Amy lives with a great deal of shame towards her large-sized body, and when a massage therapist refuses to work on her because of her weight, she’s despondent. Amy’s psychologist urges her to learn about size acceptance and body image activism by attending a local weekend conference called “New Fattitudes.” Amy signs up and gets herself to the hotel, where she’s surrounded by an incredible and inspiring spectrum of fat women. It quickly becomes clear, though, that Amy’s one of the only heterosexual women at the conference…and also that more intimate things happen at this weekend gathering than just political organizing and fat poetry. Somehow, Amy’s enthusiasm leads her to participate in an eight-lesbian hotel room sex party, which definitely gives her self-esteem a surprise boost.

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