Type Story

Episode Adulting (#1026)

Date April 08, 2019

Time In Episode 00:41:02

This story was told by on episode #1026: Adulting


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Susanne is the mother of two kids, Tori and Liam, when she and her husband decide to have a third. After four miscarriages that keep Susanne pregnant for a year with no resulting baby, she finally sustains a pregnancy all the way to the ninth month, much to the excitement of her older children. And then, Susanne wakes up one morning and doesn’t feel movement from the baby anymore. An ultrasound confirms that baby Bryn, inside her, has no heartbeat. Susanne and her husband choose to deliver Bryn in an unmedicated birth, because it’s the only sense of control Susanne feels she can have, and afterwards, the whole family spends two days with the baby, holding her and saying goodbye, being present with both incredible beauty and excruciating loss.

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