Type Story

Episode Adulting (#1026)

Date April 08, 2019

Time In Episode 00:24:22

This story was told by on episode #1026: Adulting


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Tyson and his newlywed wife Colleen are young, devout Christians – virgins until marriage – and discover on their wedding night that their attempt at intercourse causes Colleen terrible pain — so much that they can’t complete the act. For seven years, the couple is unable to have sex, and Tyson deals with the frustration by praying, drinking, and silently alienating his wife. When it finally occurs to him to look up this problem online, he discovers there’s a name for Colleen’s condition: vaginismus, where, because of involuntary muscle contractions, sex is horribly painful. For months, the couple go to therapy, and work very hard to create less excruciating intimacy. Then, however, they have a baby, which sets them back to square one (except even worse). Tyson’s sense of anger and bitterness grows, with no outlet, and he cheats on Colleen. The two get divorced, and years later, Tyson sees how he left Colleen feeling isolated and unsupported; he sees that he cast himself as the victim, when really, he victimized Colleen instead of being communicative, and compassionate, and partnering with her to figure out what kind of help they needed.

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