"Cat Lady Interrupted"


Type Story

Episode Live From Minneapolis 3! (#948)

Date September 10, 2018

Time In Episode 00:11:05

This story was told by on episode #948: Live From Minneapolis 3!


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Lila is a proud cat lady living a quiet life in an apartment building in Minneapolis, when one day a team of eight cops bangs at her door stating that they have a warrant to search her apartment. They cuff her, tell her she’s detained, and absolutely ransack her apartment, baffling and terrifying her as she tries to figure out why on earth this raid is going on. She worries even more when they uncover her gummi bear “edibles” in the freezer, and conduct a recorded interrogation. Lily finally sorts out that another renter in her building has has been getting packages of cocaine from California, and has studied her routine enough that he could make it look like they belonged to her.

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