"Straight Flush"


Type Story

Episode Adjustments (#1014)

Date January 14, 2019

Time In Episode 00:06:25

This story was told by on episode #1014: Adjustments


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David has had Crohn’s Disease for years, which is now manageable thanks to medication and life adjustments, but he still has to be very conscious when he goes out about knowing where a restroom is, and, sometimes, making a very urgent dash to avoid poo-mergencies. One night a friend gets him a gig catering a party at Whoopi Goldberg’s home. David adores Whoopi, and is thrilled to meet her and commune with the other celebrities at this event. He waits somewhat longer than he should to use the one bathroom he’s aware of in her house, in the basement, and when he does “go,” he’s horrified to find that it’s one of the new, extremely high-tech toilets that has a slew of buttons and levers and settings with indecipherable icons…and he can’t figure out how to flush away the significant gifts he’s deposited.

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