"For The Love of Free Parking"


Type Story

Episode Jolts (#1046)

Date August 12, 2019

Time In Episode 00:18:10

This story was told by on episode #1046: Jolts


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Emerson is obsessed with finding free parking spots, to the point that if he sees a great parking spot, he’ll park in it, even if he doesn’t need to park or be in that neighborhood. One summer day in Atlanta, he finds a great free spot in front of a church, but gets ambushed by a mugger, who holds him at gunpoint, takes his wallet, and demands that Emerson drive the two of them to a cash machine so Emerson can take out the rest of his money and give it to the thief. A protracted sort of hostage situation ensues, with Emerson being forced to drive this angry, paranoid man around the city in circles, making small talk with him and being interrogated about his life, until finally Emerson snaps, and asserts himself, and the gunman – to his surprise – sets him free.

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