"Stronger in the Broken Places"


Type Story

Episode Jolts (#1046)

Date August 12, 2019

Time In Episode 00:34:50

This story was told by on episode #1046: Jolts


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Amy’s been married to her husband for two decades. They’re a great match, laughing together and creating mischief despite the fact that he lives with a slew of debilitating health problems, including chronic back pain. One day in 2016 she gets the call that he’s died. In the endless processing with the coroners and medical examiners, Amy learns that what he actually died of was a morphine overdose. She’s shocked and confused; she saw no signs of him being an addict. She even sees pills left in his pill bottle. But she finds herself reacting with shame to this new persona he’s being endowed with. She learns, though, that he wasn’t an addict, nor was he intentionally overdosing on morphine; he was slowly being poisoned by a long-term buildup in his body from years of use. Amy had no idea that this was something that could happen; no one had ever warned her. She realizes, though, that that morphine gave her husband many more years of life and functionality than he would have had otherwise…it let him be the happy, joyful soul he wanted to be.

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