Type Story

Episode Scary Stories #1: Eek! (#304)

Date November 04, 2011

Time In Episode 00:26:15

This story was told by & on episode #304: Scary Stories #1: Eek!


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Kumail tells his Risk! Live in LA co-host Pete about the time in his life when he lived with three roommates in Chicago, in a 3-story house with an attic, and his roommate Katie kept insisting that she heard “someone walking in the attic.” No one lived in the attic, so this was disturbing. One day, Katie brings Kumail into her room where she hears the noise through the ceiling, and he hears the walking too. No one wants to be the one to actually explore the attic, but Kumail gets elected to do so; his roommates give him a knife, a flashlight and a colander to wear on his head for protection. He can’t find anything up there, but after his exploration, the footsteps stop.

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