"Nazi Right Guy For Me"


Type Story

Episode Square Pegs (#403)

Date October 20, 2012

Time In Episode 00:16:25

This story was told by on episode #403: Square Pegs


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Dana is 20 and still a virgin – she hasn’t so much as kissed a man or been on a date – and then she discovers that JT, the line cook at the Pizzaria Uno where she works – has a crush on her. He’s big, with a shaved head and black death-metal band t-shirts, and she’s had a crush on him as well…but her friend Matt, who’s also a server at Uno, tells Dana that JT is a neo-Nazi skinhead – that he’s been in jail, and is open about his hatred of Jews, blacks and anyone non-white. Dana doesn’t see any signs that she can do any better than this fellow, however, and eventually they kiss, and soon after are actually dating. If it wasn’t for JT telling her about the bar fights he got into, and showing her his bruises, she’d think he was the sweetest guy – he doesn’t mind that they’re just kissing and dry-humping. When Dana tries to talk to JT about her own ethnic heritage, however – and the likelihood that she’s not entirely white – he tells her to stop saying things like that. And when JT asks Dana to decide if she wants to move to Missoula, MT with him, she figures she has to have the breakup conversation with him. Luckily, he makes that decision first. 

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