"Mission Impersonable"


Type Story

Episode Square Pegs (#403)

Date October 20, 2012

Time In Episode 00:03:40

This story was told by on episode #403: Square Pegs


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Growing up in Detroit, Cooper wants to be an actor, but is self-conscious about how much he looks like Tom Cruise – he doesn’t want that to hurt his chance at getting roles in the future. In 2000, while “Mission Impossible” (starring Tom Cruise) is #1 at the movie theatre box offices, his friend Tammy convinces him to impersonate Tom Cruise for an event she’s been hired to coordinate at a chi-chi golf course in a nearby suburb — she’s creating a “Mission Impossible” theme, and a different character will entertain at each hole. Cooper agrees, because he needs the money, but when he arrives, finds that all the other actors ditched out, and it’s just him, striving to recreate Tom Cruise’s action moves at the 9th hole. Things go from bad to worse: first none of the golfers even understand who he’s supposed to be, and then the management seems troubled by his antics, and eventually, after Cooper has started surprising golfers coming out of the outhouses by pointing his fake guns at them and shouting “Freeze!,” he’s told to get the hell out, because the police and a SWAT team have been called to the site.

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