"The Backstabber"


Type Story

Episode Brutal Youth (#344)

Date September 14, 2012

Time In Episode 00:42:15

This story was told by & on episode #344: Brutal Youth


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10-year old Kumail, living in a conservative Muslim household in Pakistan, is indoctrinated with how sinful it is to look at girls, or think about sex whatsoever — it’s worse than “stabbing the nephew of The Prophet in the back,” he’s told. Then one day, his cousin gives him a pornographic video tape, which he puts into his family’s VCR — first just for a second, then for longer periods, any time his parents left the house. One day he’s watching while his mother is out running errands, and the electricity goes out, which means the porn tape is stuck in the VCR. Kumail grabs his father’s tool kit and completely disassembles the VCR to remove the tape, but then has no idea how to reassemble the millions of parts around him on the floor. Pete Holmes co-hosts, and asks Kumail questions about his story.

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