"The Long Road"


Type Story

Episode The Long Road (#727)

Date April 18, 2016

Time In Episode 00:04:10

This story was told by on episode #727: The Long Road


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Leslie was a musician carrying a history of family addiction and trauma in her life. She was asleep, with her boyfriend staying over, when a burglar with a gun broke into their home. He started talking to Leslie while taking hits of weed and cocaine, and forced the couple at gunpoint to take Ecstasy — which was especially scary for Leslie, who had a heart condition. Leslie stayed calm, conversing with the burglar even as he comments on her body and implies that he might rape her, and gathers up objects around the house to steal. He then took Leslie and her boyfriend (whom he called “cowboy”) hostage. While they were tripping and traumatized, he forced them into their car, got in, and directed them to start driving. While they were stopped at a gas station, despite constant threats from the gunman, Leslie and her boyfriend fled the car, and eventually were rescued by the police. Years later, the police identified the perpetrator based on Leslie’s detailed report of what occurred. Today, Leslie’s a professional singer/songwriter, and sees music as a way to heal from trauma and crisis.

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