"Dungeon Master"


Type Story

Episode What's Happening? (#1018)

Date February 11, 2019

Time In Episode 00:04:40

This story was told by on episode #1018: What's Happening?


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Growing up an albino black person with a lazy eye, Victor doesn’t consider himself very successful with the ladies – until he learns to dance. At 21, he starts hitting the dance nights at Prince’s Minneapolis club Glam Slam, and ends up meeting a girl – Tammy – who initiates him into a sexual relationship that’s “more advanced” than anything he’s experienced previously. One day, Victor gets a surprise visit at home from Tammy and another girl from the club (Debbie) who’ve arrived to have a threesome, unaware that Victor is in the middle of a Dungeons and Dragons conquest with his friends. He’s reluctant to leave the game, and tells the girls to wait upstairs until he’s done, which they interpret as mild domination, and thus everyone gets what they want.

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