Type Story

Episode s Strange Sex (#101)
Strange Sex (#CRE101)

Date October 06, 2009

Time In Episode 00:37:08

This story was first told by on episode #101: Strange Sex

It also appears on episode #CRE101: Strange Sex


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John does a gay Craigslist hook-up, and agrees to go to the ad-placer’s home. The man tells him, right before John leaves, that he’s a little person. John’s irritated that this man wasn’t more forthcoming prior to this, but feels too guilty to call off the encounter. When he arrives at his host’s home, he also learns that his hook-up is a drag queen, and from Georgia, and as they try to move the encounter forward, in the bedroom, John’s growing desire to escape is granted in the form of a phone call. From the man’s wife. Announcing that she and their son will be home in 15 minutes.

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