"Act Two"


Type Story

Episode Adjustments (#1014)

Date January 14, 2019

Time In Episode 00:21:00

This story was told by on episode #1014: Adjustments


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Christina has always had an assortment of mysterious health issues, but in college, she starts getting much sicker, with joints so achy she can barely move, and fatigue that makes her fall asleep in class and eventually have to drop out and move into her parents’ basement. She can’t work, and becomes isolated from her friends. Eventually she’s diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and spends two years getting treatment in the form of IV infusions and physical therapy. When she’s finally functional and strong again, at 32, she wants to go back to school and rebuild her life, but now has no money. A friend suggests that she try being a stripper, because the money is good and “she’s got the body for it.” Despite her naivete and skepticism, Christina auditions at a club with a good reputation, and gets hired, giving her an opportunity to not only earn her college tuition, but to create a new, positive relationship to the body she’d been so disconnected from.

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