"There Will Be Blood"


Type Story

Episode s Adulting (#1026)
The Best of RISK! #16 (#1032)

Date April 08, 2019

Time In Episode 00:05:20

This story was first told by on episode #1026: Adulting

It also appears on episode #1032: The Best of RISK! #16


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25-year old Adrien is finding her new home of NYC to be really lonely. She falls for a guy named Jose who she’s met at a party, but when he realizes he’s 15 years older than her, he insists that their dating relationship turn platonic…which doesn’t really work, especially for Adrien, because there’s still a lot of romantic tension between them. One day while the two are working on a video project together, they playfully take their pants off, and it turns into frantic foreplay. Adrien gets up for a moment to lock the bedroom door, and discovers that there’s blood all over her and her boyfriend. Neither of them are in pain, and Adrien knows it’s not her period, so the source is a mystery. While Jose is taking a shower, he figures it out and shouts, “Your copper IUD lacerated my penis!” The two get in a cab to go to the hospital, Jose still bleeding, arguing all the way about how this happened. Jose’s reliance on Adrien at the ER finally makes her realize that her IUD knew the truth all along: this wasn’t the man for her. (Side note: An audience member fainted during this story.)

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