"He’s My Daughter Now"


Type Story

Episode Live From Minneapolis 2! (#736)

Date June 20, 2016

Time In Episode 01:14:00

This story was told by on episode #736: Live From Minneapolis 2!


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Justin’s son Joey loved to dress up in skirts and jewelry as early as age 2. He asked when his penis would go away, and whether he could “crawl back into mommy’s tummy and come out a girl.” Justin and his wife figured Joey was just theatrical and creative, until, after starting kindergarten — where he was reprimanded by the teacher and other kids for choosing activities and behaviors that weren’t typically masculine — he turned angry, self-loathing and volatile. Finally, a tense and tantrum-filled dinner gathering with Joey’s grandmother allowed Justin to finally hear that his child didn’t just want to be a girl..she WAS a girl.

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1 year ago

I just shared this story with my friends driving back from a wedding. I told them about how this story changed my views on trans children and how early they can make the decision to transition.

Thank you for everything you do Kevin.

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