"I Love You, Man"


Type Story

Episode The Strangest of Strangers (#108)

Date January 12, 2010

Time In Episode 00:26:12

This story was told by on episode #108: The Strangest of Strangers


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Mather was a freshman theatre major at NYU, with the whole big city around him, but he somehow still felt lonely and isolated. He fell into the habit of drinking a lot — sometimes to blackout state. One night, walking back to his dorm after downing almost an entire bottle of Jack Daniels at a party, Mather got asked for change by a homeless man. As far as he could piece together through his drunken haze, he took the man out for pizza, poured out his life story to him with great waves of emotion, and tried to rehouse him in his dormitory suite…which only failed because the homeless guy didn’t have a student ID.

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