"Mistress O"


Type Story

Episode The Strangest of Strangers (#108)

Date January 12, 2010

Time In Episode 00:01:38

This story was told by on episode #108: The Strangest of Strangers


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Ophira is hired to write an article for a big, glossy magazine – Marie Claire — and has to come up with a pitch. She decides she’ll train to be a Dominatrix and then try to get a gig. She buys a costume, does research at a munch (daytime gathering of kinky folks), then attends a workshop where she learns how to use ropes, hanging, spanking..but it doesn’t feel like fun to her, just sort of exhausting, like very intense theatre. Ophira’s next goal is to try out her skills at an S&M club. She drags her friend David to a subterranean club called Paddles, and David eagerly puts himself in the stocks and encourages Ophira to spank him. Her beginning efforts turn into an evening event as a crowd gathers, and provides more tools, more instruction, and more willing, kinky submissives.

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