"The Riverside"


Type Story

Episode The Riverside (#225)

Date August 27, 2011

Time In Episode 00:00:00

This story was told by on episode #225: The Riverside


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In 1988, Jan is 22, and an aspiring animator who’s moved to Japan to go to school for the craft. She lives at the edge of Tokyo, by the Tama river, goes to school all day, and washes dishes in a restaurant at night; she’s exhausted and stressed out. She starts taking walks along the river late at night, to soothe herself, and begins seeing a young woman, night after night, who stands at a railing, staring out at the river and crying. Jan watches her, and feels intense compassion; she wants to comfort the woman, but isn’t sure how. As she’s plotting how she might be able to make contact without intimidating the woman or seeming like a stalker, the woman disappears; later, Jan discovers with deep sadness that the young woman took her own life.

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