"When Things Go Bump in the Night"


Type Story

Episode Scary Stories #3: Ack! (#406)

Date November 09, 2012

Time In Episode 00:26:45

This story was told by on episode #406: Scary Stories #3: Ack!


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Ben and his Korean wife, Kathy, take a detour on a road trip to visit a ghost town kept intact since the days of the Old West. The B&B owners won’t book Ben a room over the phone, but when he has Kathy call instead, faking a thick Korean accent, they take her reservation, which Ben and Kathy find odd and inexplicable. When the couple wake up after spending the night in the ghost-town B&B, they’re shocked — neither of them has any memory of going to bed, and there are signs around the room that something bizarre happened. Kathy is convinced that ghosts had sex using their mortal forms; Ben worries that maybe they’d been roofied by the inn owners. They agree to never stay in a B&B again.

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