"The Wild One"


Type Story

Episode In Harm's Way (#202)

Date October 26, 2010

Time In Episode 00:22:39

This story was told by on episode #202: In Harm's Way


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Max grew up in the early 1980’s on the south shore of Long Island, running with a very tough street gang that he describes as “rock and roll surf dudes.” His manifesto was basically “sex, drugs, fight,” but he was actually the least tough of his gang, and got beat up more than anyone else, so he took on the persona of the clown — pulling pranks like running naked through a party, just to cover his insecurity. His need to keep upping his outrageousness led to bringing a BB gun to a drug deal at the Long Island railroad station one day, and, instead of paying for the five dime bags he was acquiring, shooting all the dealers — no bullets or ammunition of any kind, but even so, the act of being shot at freaked them out. Max admits to having remained a loose cannon until his mid 20s, when he got sober.

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